Curriculum / U.S. Partnership Schools

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


The intensive curriculum with
a focus on practice starts
immediately after admission

The six-year curriculum aims to provide the advanced specialized education required by the region and enterprises, including extensive practical training at medical sites, and to cultivate pharmacists with problem-solving abilities who can contribute to medical care.

The Faculty considers future pharmacists to be healthcare professionals that provide human services and thus bring up able pharmacists who can help society.
For this purpose, the Faculty provides diverse Early Training Study programs starting right after enrollment to facilitate the development of communication skills and occupational comprehension.
Study at the Faculty is segmented into five divisions: biopharmacy, molecular pharmacy, physical pharmacy, social pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy.

Through a systematically organized curriculum that guides students from the basics to specialized expertise, as well as labs and pre-graduation research utilizing the latest facilities, students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to become pharmacists.
All lectures, examinations, and labs in Kobe Gakuin University are provided in Japanese.

Pharmaceutical Study in the United States

The international exchange
at Kobe Gakuin University has
developed over more than three decades

The University organizes a pharmaceutical study tour in which participants study medical pharmacology and pharmaceutical education at local universities and hospitals in the United States. A special lecture program is also provided at Kobe Gakuin University on the topic of the latest clinical pharmacy and science in North America.

U.S. Pharmaceutical Study Tour

During the U.S. Pharmaceutical Study Tour, participants will study American medical pharmacology and pharmaceutical education.

This program aims to bring up pharmaceutical students’ international perspective and provides an experience conducive to their future activities as pharmacists.
Students will visit medical institutions and universities in the U.S. and receive a first-hand experience of pharmacists’ activities and pharmaceutical education in the U.S.

Participants will visit partnered schools, namely the University of the Pacific, the University of Arizona, and Duquesne University, and study in the American pharmaceutical education program, which includes campus tours, participation in lectures, and student exchanges.
Participants will also visit medical institutions, including Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and study the local role of pharmacists to gain insight into the role pharmacists could play in Japan.
After returning, students will present the results of their research study at academic conferences and in academic papers, based on their individual study themes.

This program is alternately provided in the East Coast region and the West Coast region. (Learning from Overseas Pharmacists I)

Overseas Visiting Professorship Program

Kobe Gakuin University invites visiting professors from the U.S. twice a year, once each in the first and second semesters, to give lectures to our undergraduate students. (Learning from Overseas Pharmacists II and III)
Students can attend lectures on the latest North American clinical pharmacy and science without studying abroad.